The Joseph arnold orchestra


The Joseph Arnold Orchestra is all about heart, grooves, and the soul of strings. We take you on a journey through heartbreak, triumph, satisfactions, and joy. When you hear us play, you are swept up and immersed in the journey; and when we finish playing, the grooves will linger in your ears.

We are the soul of strings. 

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Recording day! 

We went to Forge Recording Studio on 7/24 for our first professional recording session. We recorded three of my tunes: Buttermilk Biscuits, Mr. Grim, and Farewell. I'm hoping these will be ready for listening by mid-September. Here are some pics from the recording session!

Preparing for the next take.
A view from inside the control room. Grammy Award-winner Jeff Chestek was our recording engineer.

Joseph and Liz, playing and leaning over in rhythm,  bedazzled with the lights from the control room.