performance and composition Testimonials

His music fills a longing you may not have even known was there.”

— Joy R., Philadelphia, PA

You will be blown away by his ease and ability.”

— Andrea B., Swarthmore, PA


— Thomas L., Philadelphia, PA

Moving, inspirational, and joyfully complex. I am always eager for more from Joseph! ”

— Judy N., Maine

"I just want to encourage you to have Joseph Arnold on Prairie Home Companion! His music is exquisite! Listening to his music is like embarking on a road trip on a warm sunny day, and you find yourself traveling down unexpected curves on the open road and experiencing unforeseen glorious vistas. It fills you with soaring beauty, adventure and exquisite artistry all at once..... and often surprises you as it pushes the edge of the form.... His music is wide ranging, expressing playful humor and sass and sexiness, as well as probing bittersweet depths. Please get him on the air! :-) You will be so happy you did!"
- Emily N., Philadelphia