• GYPSY ROUTES by The Hot Club of Philadelphia. 2015.
  • MOVE ON by The Birmingham Six. 2014.​
  • OWED TO THE TANGLIN' WIND by Dan Blakeslee. 2014.
  • CANARY IN A COALMINE by Anna Vogelzang. 2012.
  • PAPER BOATS by Anna Vogelzang. 2011.
  • TATNIC TALES by Dan Blakeslee. 2010.
  • THE LAST GREAT SATURDAY NIGHT by The North Lawrence Midnight Singers. 2010.
  • THE KESSEL RUN by The Birmingham Six. 2010.
  • WRAP YOUR TROUBLES IN DREAMS. by The Hot Club of Philadelphia. 2010.
  • MARRY ME by Anna Vogelzang. 2010.
  • DISCOMEDUSAE by Joseph Arnold. 2010.
  • NESTING EP by Anna Vogelzang. 2009.
  • LABYRINTHS by Steve Goldberg and the Archenemies. 2009.
  • THE THINGS THAT AIRPLANES DO by Anna Vogelzang. 2007.
  • STEVE GOLDBERG AND THE ARCHENEMIES by Steve Goldberg and the Archenemies. 2007.
  • SOME KIND OF PARADE by Anna Vogelzang. 2005.


Joseph is an amazingly versatile musician and performer. You will be blown away by his ease and ability.”

— Andrea B., Swarthmore, PA